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Saturday, April 20, 2013
I think all of us were effected by the tragedy in Boston this week. Whether you lived there, or just watched on the news. My heart aches for all those that were injured or hurt in anyway and for their families. It makes you want to hold your babies closer and remind everyone that you love them even more!

My beautiful friend and sister from another Mister, Omneya had paid for a commission from Freya when she did that mad comission sale. Instead of asking for what she originally wanted, Om asked Freya to do a boston pride tube and gave her info on what she wanted to see. She also asked for the tube to be free to others to use. This was incredibly generous and loving of Om. She's Bostonian as well and has been glued to the news and everything else during this. She lives just 13 miles from the bombings. I was so worried!

Amy did this kick ass kit to match the tube! She did a wonderful job and I used it in the banners I made. Snags are loaded towards the end of this post for you.

Preview of the tube:

You can get it HERE

NO LICENSE NUMBER NEEDED! FTU! BUT use her copyright and url on the tube!

And the awesome kit from Amy 

You can get the kit HERE

And here are your snags!

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CLICK ON TAG to make it larger, then RIGHT click to save to your own PC!

Enjoy :)

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