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Sunday, August 19, 2018
New! These are in both of my stores! Check it out today!

** Buy My Store option is still avaible with a BOGO as of 8/19/18! See store for details! Buy one for yourself, get one for a friend!

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I've been playing with different things in PSP lately. I wanted a new background for my kindle and phone. I love purple and my Maven kit is my current favorite of mine. I decided to see what I could do!

What you get: 2 backgrounds 600x900! They are made to fit most smart phones, tablets and kindles. Here's a shot of what it looks like on my phone: 

This is what it looks like on my Kindle. Please excuse the crappy pic. I don't have screen shot capabilities on my kindle.

Would you like to grab the full kit? Go to my stores to get them!

It's available with my buy my store option right now!

** Buy My Store option is still avaible with a BOGO as of 8/14/18! See store for details! Buy one for yourself, get one for a friend!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hi everyone in and out of the PSP Community!! 

I hate that I even have to do this, but times are difficult right now. I have one vehicle and currently the wheel bearing is going out, the radiator needs to be replaced, and I need new tires. If it was only one of these things I could handle it, but all of these things at once are almost too much. 

As a single mom of 3 teenagers, who works part time from home to support them by myself, I’m simply not making enough to cover normal expenses, a new hospital bed for my brother with medical issues, and all of these car repairs. Since it’s the ONLY vehicle my family has. With school starting soon, activities, dentist appointments and many doctor appointments, I can't afford to NOT have a working car.

Because of all of this, I’m running a RARE sale for my Digi scrap kits and Digi CU packs! What you get:

150 kits/CU that are currently listed in my stores!

Over 100 retired kits/CU plus old collabs!

You will also receive my next PTU kit that comes out!

It’s a BOGO! You can gift ONE BMS option to a friend! All you have to do is forward the receipt email to myself or Patty (store owner) and let us know who the recipient is!

Then one of us will give you a unique coupon code to snag all your goodies listed in the store! You’ll also be sent an email with information on where to get the retired items.

Find the sale here: Treasured Scraps:

If you have NO clue what PSP is and can help, no amount is too small, please visit this link here:

ALL funds are going directly to the repair of my vehicle. Thank you for reading and caring, it’s appreciated more than you know.

Please share! 

New Kits & CU!

New tube CU/PU available today! $1.00 Sale on all tubes!

** Buy My Store option is still avaible with a BOGO as of 8/14/18! See store for details! Buy one for yourself, get one for a friend!

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

I have a snag for a Facebook timeline cover for you! I used a gorgeous kit by Bella Caribena! You can get it from her store, Dreaming with Bella HERE. Stop by and snag it today!

To learn more about Fibromyalgia and how it affects your body and life, visit this site HERE

Here's your freebie: please do NOT alter it in any way, shape or form. Do not add names!

click on the banner, then right click to save to your computer/device.

Preview of the kit:

Snaggabble Facebook timeline cover:

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Hi ya all! I've been working like crazy on some new stuff. I'm thrilled with my creative mojo, Archibald! He's helped me get a few kits out and tag even! I know, scary right? LOL I'm excited to show this one off! I wanted to go with a color scheme that was different than what I've done recently. I love green, and the tube screamed to me! It's by Nika Zap, and you can find her stuff HERE

The kit DOES include the tube! I did a full view, and two close ups. The credit information is in the file as well. If you'd like to purchase my kit (Only .88 cents right now!) you can do so by going to either one of the stores I sell in, HERE or HERE

Here's the kit:

It's a mega kit including 144 elements, 20 papers, 6 scene papers and 1 tube with 2 close ups! Holy cow right? I know! I'm loving it!

Here are two snags I made for ya'll using the kit!

Please note: DO NOT alter these snags in any way, shape or form! Doing so violates the copyright of the artists work! It all is seriously just not cool!

Friday, December 29, 2017
Hey all! I'm currently working on my next scrap kit but have been a little slow with it because of the holidays. But tonight I needed a bit of a distraction and decided to go through my artists tubes and other goodies I had.  Dave @ Spawns Blogs posted to his fan page on Facebook earlier with a link to his new forum templates. I dropped a thanks and emoji, then went to snag! I picked one of them at random to open up into PSP and was inspired! He has TONS of goodies over on his blog! Make sure you check out his Facebook page HERE and his blog HERE!

I used forum template #151 for this tag!

For the artists tube, I used Tony T.! Please note that when I purchased this tube, PTE was still around and thats where I got it. However, you can find his work at his own store now HERE. The tube is named, "Vampire".

I used 2 papers and the blood drip element from my digital scrap kit "The Hunt". Both of which you can find at Mystical Scraps HERE or Treasured Scraps HERE.

Finally, I used a quote from one of my favorite authors books! C.C. Wood was my introduction into Paranormal Romance books, and I fell in love with her characters. I'm a die hard fan of hers, having read her "Bitten Series" multiple times. Ok so maybe more than 5? Most of you know I've ventured off into a lot of bookish stuff! With being an Abibliophobiac (The irrational fear of running out of things to read), I sometimes crave to re-read some of my favorites! The quote "Bite me fang boy" comes from C.C.'s book, "Bite Me (Bitten Series #1)". Donna loves to say that to Conner! Good Lorttttttt that man is FINE!!!! LOL Seriously, its one of the best PNR series I've ever read!! You MUST check it out! Get the first book FREE on Amazon HERE You can find her on Facebook HERE

Feel free to snag this goody to use in your forums, pages, etc! But please DO NOT ALTER IT! Do not add names to it, or cut it apart, etc.  Just click on the image to make it larger, right click and save to your computer.

Enjoy my friends!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017
Hey ya'll!!!! Don't forget I posted another snaggable freebie last week on this post HERE It's a FB Timeline cover template with lots of layers!

I've been working on a freebie kit for the holiday season for you guys. I wanted to try and get out at least ONE freebie a month. I have another holiday themed kit coming that will be way different than this one. So keep an eye out! For now, here's an "owl" themed kit for you! Happy Owlidays (see what I did there? HA!) to you and yours! This is a free to use, tagger sized kit for personal use only! Please feel free to snag and share the link TO THIS POST! Do not share otherwise. Thanks ya'll!! I'd love to see anything ya'll make! <3 p="">

Snag it HERE (Mediafire link active as of date of posting)