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Friday, June 7, 2013
Hi ya'll :) I've been stressed out lately, so I did what I do best...scrapped! lol it's therapy I tell you. I wanted to create a variety of things..and I cleaned up some files. Mish Mash 3 has some things that have been on my external for awhile now. I threw the new needles I made in with it as well. So you get a few things there :) 4 Papers and 7 elements

Then Mish Mash 4 you get a lot lol...27 papers and 4 layered butterflies! Please note you are getting mixed sizes. It all depended on what my computer would allow me to dao. I did this pack just tonight :D I really like it. I wasn't sure if it would be something people would instead I decided to give it to you all!

Both packs are CU ok.  No credit required but appreciated a lot! Remember to abide by my most recent TOU!

I did several previews for you guys so you could see the awesome goodies! Please enjoy and look for your downloads at the bottom.....

Mish Mash 3 HERE

Mish Mash 4 HERE