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Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Tasha's been cranking out kits faster than me! LOL Bless her. I was so excited to get this kit, I really love the colors. It's one of those kits you can do so much with! I've made two goodies so far with it! Imagine what you can do!?!

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Isn't this pretty? Awesome kit!

Before I give ya'll your snags, let me say this....I really don't appreciate it when I find out that people are taking my snags, loading them to facebook, and claiming them as their own to share! I mean seriously, WTF? Pisses me off!

So, do not ALTER in any way, shape or form. No adding names or cropping stuff.  Click on it to make it bigger, then right click to save them to your own computer!

Example tag....

And your snags....

Cover Example.....

And your snag....


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