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Sunday, June 16, 2013
I'm really really really excited to announce, I am now a co-owner of a scrap store! My wonderful friend Gina came up with the idea to for a new store. She asked Sassy and I to be apart of it and be co-owners. Of course I said yes!!!!!! Gina and I worked together on a store awhile back, long story short, it had to go away thanks to other circumstances beyond our control This time the store is all ours!

I have left Exquisite Scraps, as of 6/30. I love the store and the designers, but if I'm going to take on this task, I need to be able to be only in 3 stores. I am the manager of Designer Scraps and I have many exclusives tied up at the psp project. This will give me time to create and still keep up with my obligations both with home and scrapping wise.

Our new store is called "Thrifty Scraps" and the idea behind it is this:

There is an abundance of new designers as well as taggers to the community. With money being tight for everyone, why not have a place you can shop that there is a guarantee that nothing is over $2! Mini kits, and CU packs/papers/etc for a low cost. Everything that is put in the store will be exclusive! It won't sold anywhere else. Right now, we're keeping the store small, only a handful of designers. But as we work out more kinks we'll get more of your favorite designers to join us!

Come by and see who's already in the store (look under the designers tab) and see if there is something you'd like to grab up!

Get to the store HERE please keep in mind we're still wandering in and fixing up the place ! :)

Oh and before I forget during the grand opening sale (see graphic above the posts) you have the opprotunity to win an exclusive CU/PU grab bag! right now there are four items in it with more to come!

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