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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a ninja! LOL, but seriously I love them. I came up with the name Neenja Master (yes ppurposelyspelled that way), and it seem right for this kit! Some really cool elements, ninja swords, batons, etc. Super fun kit!

It matches the samurai by Kiwifirestorm HERE as well as his other ones.

106 elements, all unique, no repeats! Saved in png form, tagger sized. 10 papers in jpeg form, 800x800 no repeats!

Thank you to Freya for the kick ass Ninja CU's! You're the best! Visit her fan page HERE

Matching Tube: 

Who wants some sweets? This kit is jam packed full of goodies! NOM NOM NOM! 

Kit matches the tube by Chris Pastel HERE


Special thanks to Doris of Scraps Dimensions for her yummy and nommy CU's! Visit her blog HERE

Matching Tube:

I have a friend who loves books, coffee, creativity and sass! So I made this kit for her :) Lots of fun goodies  for everyone!

10 papers all in jpeg format  800x800

91 elements in png format, no repeats!

Kit is tagger sized

A special thank you to Christina aka Four X's Designs for the adorable and perfect "iGirl" phone that you see on the right hand side. Visit her blog HERE to find out where to get it and more!

I decided to make this one kind of whimsical and romatic. I love the colors and I think it turned out ok!

This kit matches the gorgeous tube by Freya Langford Sidebottom! Her art is amazing. Find her fan page HERE and get some more goodie!

10 papers in jpeg format (no repeats) sized 800x800

104 elements in PNG format, large tagger size (no repeats)

Matching Tube:

Neenja Master, Candy Girl, Soxie's World and 7th Symphony are now all available at The PSP Project

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