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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hi guys! I've got another freebie for ya'll. I know I've been doing some once a month, but trying to up the game on this one. I know how freebies are relied upon, just as I do. My goal is to do at least one awareness kit a month. A goal mind you! LOL We shall see how it goes!

My good friend Cindi had won a custom kit in a contest many moons ago. I feel horrible it's been a good six months. But she's been so patient with me where as others want to stomp on my big toe! Luckily, my feet are quick! *smiles and laughs at own joke* When I asked her what she wanted, she asked me to do one for Chronic Kidney Disease. Her husband has been fighting the good fight and succeeding in many way, this disease. I've learned many things about Robert (her husband) through her and he and the stories, melt my heart. Please note too it was CINDI's idea to make this a freebie kit to be shared with ya'll. Ty my love!

Cindi is one of the MOST amazing person I've met in my life. She walked on to my path many moons ago...ok so least what, four years? Something like that..anyhoo, I digress. She's been so loving and supportive from the get go. She asked me for advice on kit making and various PSP related stuff. She's always been patient with me (obviously after six months of waiting for the kit lol) and really supportive. It's never mattered what I"m going through, she just even sends an "I love you" type message. She's gone beyond what most people do for friends. One thing about Cindi that most know, she's generous to those she loves. I'm honored to be able to call her my friend. I hope she knows this always.

One of the other things I've noticed over the years, how much she truly adores her family. Mama Sassy told me once that in a household, the mom always sets the tone of the house. Meaning if mom is pissed/tired/happy/sad/excited, it's contagious. Everybody follows those feelings, even when you don't see it. Trust me, this is very true in my house! She's so devoted to her husband and her kids. How many can say they truly know people like that? In my world, not a whole lot. Her love for her husband shines through constantly. She's there with him every step of the way. And vice versa really. He's just as much dedicated to her and the kids. He fights this disease for Cindi and their children. To fight it, is to be selfless. I've seen other people just let the diseases take over and they become a mere shell of who they used to be.Not Robert or Cindi! If there ever was a person who needed healing in many ways, it's Robert. I admire his strength and dedication. Like I said, I don't' know a lot of people like that and in all honestly, a little jaded when it comes to that. But they've changed a lot of that.

Ok to finish up.... Cindi and I were talking tonight and she said that one of the things she hopes for this kit to bring, is obviously awareness. But also this...and I'm putting into her EXACT words. "One of the most important things for people with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) tor remember as we've been told over and over, is it doesn't have to stop you from living. You just have to do things a little differently." Truer words were never spoken about this disease. She also mentioned that even though they're limited on things they can do, like vacation, long car trips, etc., they can do what they can in moderation.

Their love for camping has not deterred them since. They just take shorter trips when he starts dialysis this summer. So for this kit, I did the camping theme. A reminder in their worlds, that life goes on. You have to enjoy everything in the moment. Take all in, and throw away the bad to leave the good.

Here are some statistics on this kidney disease:

* Up to 26 million Americans—1 in 9—have chronic kidney disease. 
* More than 570,000 Americans have kidney failure, also known as end-stage renal disease. 

* The Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) is dedicated to improving patient safety and promoting development of new therapies for all patients with kidney disease 

*To improve care for patients with kidney disease, more innovation is required: In the past decade, too few new nephrology drugs have appeared on the market in the United States.* 

* Significant racial and ethnic disparities exist at every stage of kidney disease: 

*African-Americans are 6 times more likely than whites to develop kidney failure related to hypertension and 4 times more likely to progress to kidney failure than Caucasians.* 

Hispanics and American Indians are 2 times more likely to progress to kidney failure than Caucasians. * 

* Kidney disease causes hypertension, which affects 80% of kidney patients. 

*Kidney disease also accelerates the progression of heart disease and increases the risk of heart attacks and heart-related death. (information retrieved from ASN) Another website that you should check out for more information (and tons of prevention/help) is the National Kidney Foundation. This is the official website, and please go check out! Educate yourself and your loved ones. 

Almost done, I promise! LOL If you wish to contact Cindi to give her and Robert tags you make with this kit, support, and love, you can reach her via email HERE and her blog (she rarely posts, but still lots of goodies there!) HERE or her FB account HERE. I knnow she woudl appreciate all of it!
Now for the's mega packed. twice the size than the custom kit she won. I was inspired and had to keep going. Every time I thought I was done, I found something else! LOL
23 Papers in jpeg/png format - 137 elements in PNG, large tagger size. no repeats in this kit! (I think lol) and for personal use ONLY! Please link back to this particular blog post for others to download. Sharing is caring, especially with FTU stuffs, but link to this POST! 25.2 MB is the size.
Ok here we more thing....I love you Cindi, VERY much! Give Robert and the kids a big hug from us to ya'll.Kit preview:

Get it from drop box... HERE

Get it from 4Shared HERE


  1. Thank you Shani, we are just as blessed to have you please don't doubt it! <3
    The kit is beautiful and totally worth every second of the wait! <3

  2. Thank you Shani and Cindi for this lovely gift. As for CKD and living I agree, but you are really not as limited as you may think. There is in-home dialysis, and it allows you to travel as they send all the supplies where you need them. They also allow you to use facilities in other places to receive your dialysis as needed. Check out more of the options, I did in home dialysis for a client for 4 years. We even traveled to Wyoming from Louisiana for a 2 week vacation.

    All that being said nothing is better than a donor kidney.
    People need to know that kidneys don't go bad one at a time. If one goes bad you don't have another just doesn't work that way, So if someone wanted to donate a kidney they would NOT reduce their chance of need or increase it. I hope someone gives your husband that gift.
    I am wishing you and your husband the very best.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this this kit means alot to me as well I have stage 3 CKD and it is a Great cause near to my heart Bless Cindi and her family

  4. Oh Wow...Thank you Cindi and Shani for this beautiful free gift and also for the Knowledge and Awareness about Kidney Diesese. <3

  5. Thank you Shani and Cindi, prayers and love always!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful kit.