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Saturday, March 19, 2016
Hello my wicked little friends! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying some nice weather. Here, not so much. We're going to be hit with storms again this week. I live in Washington State and it rains  A LOT. LOL Yes, there are a ton of jokes about the weather here. I live on the harbor too,so our weather can get crazier than other parts at times. Today, not so bad! Wait..where was I going with this?

Oh you're not enjoying some nice Spring weather (nearly Spring here in the U.S.A.) then I hope you're at least warm and safe! And since you're probably trapped inside due to yuckiness, why not create? That's what I'm doing today. Well, besides getting organized again. I'm coming back to scrapping more or less full time. That means I've retired a gazillion kits. Some of them will be reworked into new and better kits. Some not so much. The only way you get ANY of the retired ones the past six years is to purchase my store. Email me for details! So look for more goodies coming soon! I'm doing a ton of new stuff too now that I've got things settled a tiny bit. I feel like a wacked out chicken today. I'm all over! And I rambled.....AGAIN.... sorry!

Since you might be in the house stuck from the weather, why not create? to help you out....I have THREE (3) kits for you! I'm retiring these and thought they'd be fun for you guys to have. I know that finding celebration kits can be hard. So I'm giving you two that were with a former license company once upon a long time ago. So the stuff might be a tiny bit smaller than normal. The other one, is one I had done for a store I co-owned. I figured it would be a fun freebie for you guys.

I've loaded them to my account. Please let me know if you have any issues downloading them! 

I thank you all so much for your patience, love and support. It means a lot to me!

Enough rambling....

Download links below the preview!



  1. files won't download, nothing happens when you click on the file at box

  2. I am so sorry Angela! I'm not sure what happened. I'm fixing it now!

  3. Thank you for the gorgeous kits!!

  4. Thank so much for these. I bought your celebrate kit awhile back-love it! Thank you for your generosity


  5. Thank you for the 3 beautiful kits!

  6. Thank you for sharing I have download all 3 kits

  7. Thanks so very much. They are all awesome.
    Hugs, Lou Ann

  8. Aww Sweetie Their Beautiful! Thank You So Much!!!!! :) Hugs

  9. Wonderful kits! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Thank you for your beautiful kits ...