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Thursday, February 11, 2010
Here I am!!!! I'm back with another freebie. I was messing around in PSP tonight working on random stuff and pretty much procrastinating on doing anything else that I need to lol. So I put together these buttons. Sassy Smiley! Few years back... ok more than a few... 12 to be exact :) I had this back pack purse that was a giant yellow daisy with the smiley face. I've always been a sucker for the have a nice day smilies and joe boxer faces! My brother and I were joking about it and I decided to see if I could make a button like it. I did! I was so excited lol. I put together this button template. Everything is on layers so you can remove what you don't want or use it :) Even the glass part. I know making buttons can be a pain the bum for some. Ha I rhymed! Yes I'm easily amused :) So I put the glass on a whole new layer. I used it for my new logo also for scrapping :) I'm going to make another one here shortly too and will more than likely share with ya'll. These ARE commercial use friendly! The example is included of course and your welcome to use it for anything really :) Credit not required but appreciated as always. Love to see comments :) Enjoy! Download it HERE