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Monday, August 16, 2010
I have been talking about doing this kit for awhile now, for a few reasons. My oldest daughter Otelia was diagnosed just over a year ago with Petit Mal Seizures. We had been struggling for awhile trying to figure out exactly why she would blank out and stop in the middle of a conversation. At first we thought it was her ADHD. I got more concerned when it was happening in excess during the day. We took her to the doctor who sent us to a Neurologist. It was then the testing was done and she had 8 seizures during the test :( She immediately went on medication and has done better than she was. Recently we did the follow up EEG, her second, and found out that she now has Epileptic abnormalities. This means she's at risk for a full on epileptic seizure at any time. We have to watch for triggers, such as rapidly flashing lights. Luckily we have a wonderful doctor who works closely with us. Now her sleep issues have increased and she is having a sleep study this month to figure out if she has Neurological Sleep Apnea. Lack of sleep increases the risk of seizures. Needless to say it's all been very trying on her as well as us. She hates she has to take 4 pills a day and cries over the whole thing sometimes :( She's a strong kid regardless though. Bless her. I also have a friend Georgi who's son also lives with seizures. It's been a lot worse on him than Otelia. He has full seizures, Grand Mal seizures I believe. It's been a hard road for them and lot's of testing and fighting. This kit was also for them. Too many people laugh about Epilepsy, they find it as a joke. It's not a joke, it's very real and takes a toll on the body. It's scary and instead of laughing about it or cringing away, people need to educate themselves! To learn more about Epilepsy and all types of seizures, please visit Epilepsy Foundation. This kit is jam packed. I wanted to make sure you got the same variety and number of elements as my PTU kits. This is a full tagger sized kit! I tried to keep the elements kind of classic, and pretty. You will see lot's of variety. There are a ton of hearts through the kit, representing the love we have for our loved ones who live with Epilepsy and seizures in general. Also it represents the strength of those who live with it. Please enjoy this kit, I would adore to see any thing you all make with it! You can email as always at or visit my fan page on facebook Wicked Princess Scraps Download it HERE Or from Mediafire


  1. aww i love this kit hun as a person whi has epilepsy myself it fab and i know a few with it too xx

  2. Thank you sweetie! I'm glad you love it, makes me smile and so proud. I hope I have done it justice for you!

  3. Thanks for this awesome kit. So far we are luck that my little mans EEG's have not shown anything but he is still young and Epilepsy is very common in Autistic children.

  4. Shani, thanks for sharing your story. I have a cousin who grew up with the grand mal seizures. It is definitely NOT a joking matter and I cannot believe that someone would joke about such a thing. Blessings to your sweet girl as she (and your whole family) deal with this! Thanks for the beautiful kit, too! BIG hugs! Vicky

  5. Thank you Stacy and Vicky! I'm so so very happy that this kit brings such awareness and others together. Thank you for the love and support!

  6. Thank you so much for this freebie kit! My daughter also has epilepsy.

  7. Thanks for sharing your art and your story too.

  8. This kit is awesome.My son is epileptic and had the big seizures.he also has become a patient with a very rare deseace.His brain got attacked by his red bloodplates,over and over again.He has a very short memory now with big epileptic seizures.His meds keeps changing all the time and because of all this his weight became 60 pounds more than usually.He's my big 20 year boy with a hearth and brain of a 12 year old.Epileptic is not a joke.This all started when he was 12 with very small absent attack or strange behaviour.

    I use him very offen for my designs,i love to create for me and for him:-)

  9. Wow thank you so much for the awesome kit, Epilepsy is definitely no joke, My hubby was diagnosed with it 7 years ago that was caused from a car accident he was in 14 years prier from hitting a cement center divider.I hope your daughter is having better luck on the seizure meds, It has only effected his personality in the worse possible way, It hasn't helped his seizures one bit.


  10. Thank you so much Shani... What a beautiful tribute to all who suffer with any type of seizure disorder. I love you so much! Georgi

  11. This kit is so beautifully made, thank you for sharing your personal story and the reason behind the kit, and thank you for sharing your awesome creative talents so generously, your family is in my prayers.

  12. thanks for this wonderfull kit
    i have epelepsy myself
    and it is realy no joke
    it's hart to live with
    not noing when your next seizure arive's

  13. thank you for the kit, i have had epilepsy since the age of 12. been called a freak so many times it was not funny, had no friends because they were not allowed to play with me. i am so glad things have changed for this generation. i am 63 years old and those memories of my childhood are not happy ones

  14. In high school, I remember seeing a classmate suffer from an attack of epilepsy. It was the first time I had ever seen something like this and I remember how scared I felt and how even though I didn't know the student well, I worried for the student. My husband's mother suffered from epilepsy and throughout the years, I've seen and realized just how wide-spread epilepsy is. Hugs to all!

  15. Thank you for sharing your kit. Beautiful and wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  16. Love & blessings to you and your family..... ♥

  17. thank you for sharing all these awarness kits <3

  18. Thank you for sharing my son has Epilepsy and even though he's 34 it still scares me