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Friday, October 1, 2010
This month's blog train is the Awareness theme. I was super psyched about this one, especially since I hadn't done a train in awhile. I wanted to make this one a dedication to my friend Georgi. Georgi lives with RSD- Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome. It's a debilitating disease, one that takes over your life. My heart often aches for Georgi and the pain she endures and lives with. She's an amazing mother and wife, incredible friend. I love her so much and wish there was a way to take away some of the pain she lives with. To know Georgi is to honestly love her. She has this wicked sense of humor and never a dull moment! She has such posititivy in her, it's just wonderful. Over the years I've talked with Georgi about RSD, Made her stuff, and supported her. I've learned more about RSD and the severity of it. There isn't a lot of light shed on this disease. I hope to rectify it. Please go to the RSD website and educate yourself! Because this kit was for Georgi, I wanted to make it something totally about her. She's a goth girl like no other! She loves everything goth and dark. The awareness ribbon color is an orange color, so I jumped at the chance to use these killer color combo's! Georgi, this one is for you...I love you!!!!! Download Courage HERE OR from HERE Please make sure you make stops at the other train stops! Remember there is a time difference for all of us. If you go to a stop and their portion is not up yet, please bookmark it and go back! Stina ::designs by stina:: Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps Cari: Black Widow Creationz Crys: Sinfully Creative Scraps Crystal: Crystal's Creations Gina: KiKeKa Kits Jessica: Jessica's Sweet Nothings Mystee: Majik Of Mystee Designz Nette: Nette's NightOwl Works Nikki: Creative Intentionz Pink: Pink's Poetic Scraps Rose: Mincrisar Department Store Shani: Wicked Princess Scraps---<<<<< YOU ARE HERE Wy: Designs by LK


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Oct. 01, 2010. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you so very much for offering this kit which brings awareness to conditions that effect so many people. Your work is adorable and will showcase photo's so well

  3. Thanks for this great kit!
    Hugs, Ellie

  4. Another very cute kit. Thanks.

  5. Hi, All I can say is OMG, I have this condition and it is so rare to see anything about it. I have had RSD or CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) as it is now called in the UK. I have had it diagnosed now for 4 years but actually had it since 2002 but it wasn't diagnosed as it is so difficult to diagnose, you go everywhere and see everyone in different departments in the hospitals even now they know very little, I was told that it could not travel to other parts of the body , how wrong they were. It started in one leg now it is in both legs, both feet, and one lower arm and hand. I live on morphine and other painkillers and I am waiting for a SCS trial (Spinal Cord Stimulator) basically a TENS machine, which is attached to the spinal cord and a battery pack is inserted inside the body and is controlled by a switch on the outside. So that it gives you the amount of pain relief you need, but this is just a top up to the other medicines that are taken. But thank you so much for making a kit to highlight this condition, it has really made my day to see how you are trying to bring awareness not only to this condition but to many others. Thank you.

  6. Thank you, this is gorgeous!

  7. You did an amazing job on this. Thanks so much for the freebie!

  8. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to bringing awareness to RSD I have lived with it since 2004 after under going 4 hip replacements in 4 months YES 4 months 1st one worked fine until the rehab place dislocated it doing rehab after i told them something was wrong told them when they were trying to send me home i was NOT going home without a xray of my hip since the pain was so bad xray showed it was dislocated and turned backwards cause they did not stop PT after i told them something was wrong 2nd one got a staph infection in 3rd one the dr put in on his own doing after he was to take it out and leave it out i was dislocated in the recovery room so he took me right back into to surgery and took out the hip like he was to do to begin with i woke up in ICU on life support and thought WTF happen my hubby told me later i had a heart attack on the table from losing so much blood with 2 surgeries in one day and when they pulled the breathing tube out that they use during surgery i flat lined right in front of my hubby ( which we had only been married 3 years and out of that 3 years we had only been together 2 since he was in the army and went overseas for a year ) i was sent home without a hip at all to get rid of the staph infection for 9 weeks with a pic line ( IV) 3rd on really the 4th one since i had 2 in one day that put another hip in i waited for the dr to give me the ok to travel in my folks van since i could lay down in the fold out bed in the back and not set up in the seat got the heck out of texas moved back in with my folks still bed ridden ( the army made hubby stay in texas) when i got to the army drs in tn that is when they told me i had RSD lived off of neurotin and pain meds since then want to have the SCS trail waiting for my insurance to say they will pay for it I was fixing to get it then my hip started popping so after a year in 2011 cause i lived with it being messed up for a year cause i was afraid i would have to go through all that crap again i broke down in dec of 2011 and had another hip replacement well half of one they could only replace the cup and ball part cause they could not get the stem out which that was what they needed to fix cause it is going through my bone intead of just being in there straight they hammered on it for 4 hours and could not get it out which really made my rsd kick in but the cup was flat when they went in is why my hip was popping now in 2013 my hip is snapping where the rod/stem is plus the hip is popping a bit i go next month back to the hip dr which this has been going on for 6 months just afraid to go back and see him .............. my rsd also causes other things like not being able to sleep at night / panic attacks to name a few but thanks for this kit i can not make tags but going to see if one of my tag maker friends with make me a facebook combo thanks again love it .. you can find me on facebook Vicki Wheeler Caddy if you have rsd and just need a ear