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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Hi all I couldn't stop once I got started tonight. LOL I was determined to get this done. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it! I went with more of a sophisticated feel to it. I wanted it to be fun. As well as a large kit, just like my PTU ones. I made this mainly with my brother in mind. He is diabetic and has been living with it for 9 years. Currently, Dave does not have medical insurance and is fighting to get it. With out it, his health is getting worse. The naropothy is bad, and his sugars go way high. It breaks my heart and I fight along with him to get the help he needs. I worry so much about him. I love him very much, and he's the last family I have. My mom raised us to never leave the other behind, and I won't ever. He's my bubba We've grown up very close and now that Mama is gone, this is it. I pray for some reprieve for him. This was also a request form several people. It took me a bit to get it done, but I did. I hope you all enjoy this kit....Thank you for looking. Oh and the name I chose was because I couldn't figure out a name and googled some diabetes stuff and came across this saying on the t-shirt "diabetics are naturally sweet" seemed so fitting! Please really enjoy this kit! I loved making it and it's such an important cause! Please note that Kris of Mystical Illusionz made the poser tube in the kit. You can visit her blog for more goodies! She's very talented and awesome :) Mystical Illusionz Download the kit HERE


  1. Thank you for all the awareness kits girl!!
    i was snaggin away...
    great job as always

  2. Wow, this is an awesome kit! Thank you, my Mom is diabetic so this one strikes a note for me.

  3. I cannot download this kit. Any chance on fixing this problem? Thanks :(

  4. I so understand where your coming from with the Insurance, My 9 yr old son had type 1 and we struggle to keep his insurance all the time. All my good thoughts to you both on finding and keeping something for your brother.
    Thank you so much for this kit. :)

  5. this is an awesome kit.. Thank you for sharing. also would love to check out mystical illusionz blog but it is not open to public. I am excited to make a tag with this and share it. My Grams had diabetes and I know how much we had to watch her diet...

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this diabetes awareness kit.