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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hey guys ! :) I wanted to let ya'll know I fixed the links on the freebie kits  and stuff. If you still find some that aren't active just give me a holler. You can email me at or find me on facebook! Just look for Shani Kenny.

I apologize for the delay in the fixing. I've had a lot going on in my life, that's for sure! But never fear, it's all done!

Another thing I'd like to address is this, I always appreciate feedback and thanks from everyone. What I don't appreciate is people being outright rude and disgusting because I didn't "label" my kits TAGGER SIZED. Some times I do and sometimes I don't. I happened to see comments on a post of a halloween kit I did. There was a nasty message about how I "wasted" the persons time by downloading the kit. Oh and not to forget the jab about "all you 'designers' just run scripts and make it the size you want". I mean seriously????

It pissed me off and annoyed me. Anyone who knows me, knows I go out of my way to make sure I do regular freebies for the tagging community. Hell I still rely on freebies! Why would I NOT give back? It won't deter me from dong more freebies, so not to worry! I will do my best to label things better when I post, but I'm human. Some act like I do this, and that's all I do. I'm a wife and a mom. I have a husband who is out busting his bum everyday for us. I get up at 6 in the morning to take him to work since he doesn't have a license. I have three special needs kids, and they demand my attention, and rightfully so! I'm not going to go into the disorders or issues they have. I will tell you, my son goes to regular middle school and has a lot on his plate. Both of my girls home school due to bullying and being "left behind". My oldest is in the truancy court system because of all the freaking doctors appointments and being very sick the last year with tummy problems. I have a ton of stuff I deal with as well. My life is hectic, but it's mine. I don't tell you all this to have you pity me, or think badly of me. I say this because there should be a level of understanding. Tagging and Designing is my therapy. It's the thing that keeps me from losing my mind most of the time lol. The money I make from my PTU products go in turn to help pay bills. I maintain freebies because it's important. Not everyone can afford kits, not everyone has the luxury. Life is tough for all of us.

So please, please, please, be more respectful and understanding. I love what I do, and I respond better to kindness than I do absurd attitudes and hate.

Thanks to all for reading this and showing your love. I promise to have a new freebie kit for you soon :)



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