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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hi all! Happy sunday! 

I had the opprotunity to work with one of Amy's kits again, and I love this! I haven't seen a whole lot of fire fighter kits out there, so this was fun. I love how Amy's kits have a good sort of elemetns. It's not typical. That makes tagging it even better. To boot, she makes it all in Gimp! She's a talented cookie isn't she?

Thank you Amy for allowing me to use your kit! Thanks To Cris DeLara and PFD for the tubes!

First the kit preview by Amy... and you can get to her blog HERE

Tube by Cris DeLara can be found HERE

I used the tube and the kit to make these snags!

DO NOT: add names or alter  AT ALL!

You CAN: click on the tag to make it at full size, then right click and click on save image.

Oh and if you have a hard time getting it downloaded from the blog for any reason, you can go get htem from photobucket HERE and HERE !

I also did wallpaper for your desktop! I used the "fire fighter" tube from PFD and you can check it out HERE

And again the tube by Cris DeLara! Look for the link above ^^^^^ to get the tube!

Get the firefighter tube from PFD HERE

Wallpapers are 1060 X 1050 and you CAN resize it to a smaller screen size.


If you're having a hard time getting them saved from the blog, try them HERE and HERE!

Remember to click on the image and THEN right click and save to your computer!

 photo Siggy_zpsd2384e38.png


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