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Saturday, February 14, 2015
Here's another freebie for ya'll! :) I hope you enjoy it. The theme for this month is "Inspired by Victoria Fox"! I love her stuff, it's different and fun. Of course I went with the vintage type tube to match. I've been on a vintage kit for some reason, who knows what the next one will be! 

Here's the inspiration for the kit! This tube DOES NOT go IN the kit! You must purchase it from the store listed below this!

*-* Please note! This tube doesn't show out right nudity, but a fair amount of buns and cleavage. I chose to cover both with ribbons so that it isn't an issue that will effect anyone else unintentionally. Tube DOES NOT come with the bows! This is for the preview only! However, the bows ARE included in the FTU kit you can find below the kit preview.

You can find the tube AND Victoria's work HERE You will need to have a valid The PSP Project license in order to use this artists work, or any artist that is currently side with them. You can email them for a requested license number.

Get the tagger size kit HERE 

*Please note that all of the designers on the Fantastically Free Blog Train received approval from management at The PSP Project to not only name our kits after the artist and tube, but to also post a preview of the tube that was used as inspiration*

Remember,we all live in different time zones, so if a designer hasn't posted their portion yet, go back later and see if it's there!  Remember to leave some love!

Fly by and snag on down the list:


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  1. Thank you for this freebie ♥

  2. thank you sweets for the awesome freebie kit!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful kit!

  4. OMG thank you so much. Beautiful and as a senior citzen and cant afford to buy allowed it means a lot. Oh by the way I live in Oregon and cant just make comments in just two sentences as you can see ((HUGS)) Nana