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Thursday, November 30, 2017
Well hello friends!!! I know, I know....two posts in a week? ZOMG! Don't pass out on me! I want you guys to snag this goodie! I was inpsired by my BFF on this one. She bought me a poster with this saying on it. I wanted to try and create something that ya'll could use and enjoy. So here we go....let me tell you all about it!

It is for PERSONAL USE only! It is free to use, however please don't upload it anywhere else. Direct people to my blog to snag. It is meant to be a FB time line cover with dimensions of 851x315. There is a total of 10 layers!!!! I only previewed the one option because honestly it would take me to long to preview all the options. I hope you all enjoy it though! I would love to see anything you make with it!

Saved in a PSD and PSPIMAGE format!

Download them from Mediafire HERE


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