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Friday, August 20, 2010
Gothess is for a friend of mine who loves everything Goth! I wanted to make a tribute to her with a bit of everything combined and tons of fun. She's a bit devilish and silly and awesome :) 300dpi Tagger Size Personal Use only S4H and S4O ok 99 Elements and 35 Papers! Along with two tubes! Kit includes: 2 Cookie Posers (two positions), 3 Ball and Chains, 1 Barb Wire, 2 Bling Gems, 3 Bows, 3 Butterflies, 3 candles, 12 Chrome chains that include, skulls, music notes, stars, bat, dragon, guns, wordart, 3 Doodads, 6 iron Flourish, 3 flower wreathes, 9 peonie flowers in two colors and several positions, 2 circle frames, 2 checkerboard frames, 3 black long stem roses, 3 Gem Rain, 1 guitar, 1 fuzzy handcuffs, 3 heart and bow stitching, 1 silver key, 3 sets of music notes, 3 Roses, 3 skull stickers, 2 different staples, 3 fire stars, 2 star comets, 3 swirls, 2 grunge tags, 2 trees, 1 voo doo doll, 3 wax buttons, 3 angel wings, 3 winged tags, 1 wire swirl with flowers, 1 chicken wire in the shape of a butterfly 35 various papers including butterlfy, grunge, stripes, checkerboard , swirls, skulls, diamond patter and dots. This is a former PTU now FTU :) I hope you enjoy this one! Download it HERE
Thursday, August 19, 2010
I was asked to do another awareness kit by Tracey who is a fan on my facebook fan page. She is currently battling Ovarian Cancer. This is something that isn't always brought to light. In fact September is Ovarian cancer Awareness month. I got a lot of input from her on this. We talked back and forth via email and really pleased to have been able to do this for her! It is estimated that more than 15,500 women will die in the United States from ovarian cancer this year. Many women don't seek help until the disease has begun to spread. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are often subtle and easily confused with other ailments. Make sure that you find out more about this disease and educate yourself on the signs and risks. Please visit Ovarian Cancer Awareness Organzization. The person who requested this kit asked for it to be full of girly stuff. You will find flowers, butterflies and hearts :) There are lot's of chic items and I hope you enjoy! Download the kit HERE
Wednesday, August 18, 2010
I decided to post this one a few hours early because I know I'll forget in the morning. I've been having headaches in the morning, and I can't see very well until the advil kicks in. hopefully when I get to the doctor next month he can give me some answers. In the mean time.... This pack includes 5 overlays and the example papers. I hope you all can use these! You may download them HERE
*****THIS IS A FORMER PTU NOW FTU!!!!**** This kit was inspired by the wonderful weather that I live in here in Washington state. Fall and Spring both represent so much here. Whether its re growth, new growth or the cleansing of the earth. Both seasons bring the rain, wind, sunshine and gorgeous colors! With 2 kits in one, you can intertwine with each other to make beautiful and stunning creations. Jpeg and png format, tagger size Personal use only! 25 Papers and 110 Elements the kit includes the following: 25 papers in 15 variations of style, and color. 110 Elements include: 4 fancy frames in various colors, 1 apple tree w/swing, 1 bird house, 2 bee's, 23 flowers/plants in ALL variations, 9 bows 4 different kinds, 3 buttons, 2 clouds, 2 moons, 3 flourish, 6 frames/cluster frames various, 2 ivy, 2 kites, 22 leaves/plants in various shapes sizes and colors, 3 mats, 2 note cards, 1 pumpkin, 1 rainbow, 3 roses, 1 sunflower, 1 sunflower frame, 1 heart and grass swirl, 3 different sets of raindrops, 4 tree's, 1 wind flourish and 4 weather bears. The bears are windy, partly cloudy, rainy and rainbow. DOWNLOAD THE KIT HERE
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Day two in my seven days of freebies! :D I'm retired one of my first kit's, Wonderfully Wicked :) It's now completely FTU! And here for you to snag :) Everyone has a wicked side to them! Wonderfully Wicked shows the side of my personality that is firey, a bit grungy, and definetly more serious with a hint of girliness added in with the elements. The whole kit is rich in color, with various shapes and lines to enhance any project. If you love grunge this is a kit for you! Do you like to make layouts? Printable projects? Cards, tags, scrap pages? All my products are designed to be utilized in any of these. There are lots of frames, tags, papers and elements to play with. Many items to really enhance your creativity! These are extremely detailed pieces great for use in any size page. For personal use only. This Tagger Size Kit contains: # 16 Grunge and Checkered papers in various degree's of grunge # 4 Polka Dot Papers # 3 Diamond Checkered pattern paper # 3 Floral and Checkered Grunge papers # 4 Embossed Papers # 3 Floral Grunge Papers # 4 Textured Grunge Papers # 3 Wooden Grunge Frames # 3 Tri Square Frames # 4 Vintage Frames # 4 Doodle flourish frames # 7 Bone Shaped Grunge Tags # 1 BarbWire # 4 Bling Strings # 3 Satin Bows # 3 Butterflies with tails # 3 Regular butterflies # 3 Flower Clips # 6 Winged Doodles # 1 Large Star Doodle # 3 Flower Buds # 3 Flowers with Stems # 4 Satin Roses with leaves # 3 Roses # 3 Paper Pattern Flowers # 4 Glitter Flowers String # 4 Heart Doodles # 1 Ivy Branch # 3 Patterned Grunge Circle Mat's # 4 Pattern Grunge Notes # 4 Colored Pins # 4 Ribbon Sash's # 4 Skull and Cross bones stickers # 4 Squiggle Splashes beaded # 4 Lines Splashes beaded # 1 Double Staple # 4 Fire Star Charms # 1 Voo Doo Doll # 1 Poser Cookie Doll ****DOWNLOAD YOUR KIT HERE****
Monday, August 16, 2010
I have been talking about doing this kit for awhile now, for a few reasons. My oldest daughter Otelia was diagnosed just over a year ago with Petit Mal Seizures. We had been struggling for awhile trying to figure out exactly why she would blank out and stop in the middle of a conversation. At first we thought it was her ADHD. I got more concerned when it was happening in excess during the day. We took her to the doctor who sent us to a Neurologist. It was then the testing was done and she had 8 seizures during the test :( She immediately went on medication and has done better than she was. Recently we did the follow up EEG, her second, and found out that she now has Epileptic abnormalities. This means she's at risk for a full on epileptic seizure at any time. We have to watch for triggers, such as rapidly flashing lights. Luckily we have a wonderful doctor who works closely with us. Now her sleep issues have increased and she is having a sleep study this month to figure out if she has Neurological Sleep Apnea. Lack of sleep increases the risk of seizures. Needless to say it's all been very trying on her as well as us. She hates she has to take 4 pills a day and cries over the whole thing sometimes :( She's a strong kid regardless though. Bless her. I also have a friend Georgi who's son also lives with seizures. It's been a lot worse on him than Otelia. He has full seizures, Grand Mal seizures I believe. It's been a hard road for them and lot's of testing and fighting. This kit was also for them. Too many people laugh about Epilepsy, they find it as a joke. It's not a joke, it's very real and takes a toll on the body. It's scary and instead of laughing about it or cringing away, people need to educate themselves! To learn more about Epilepsy and all types of seizures, please visit Epilepsy Foundation. This kit is jam packed. I wanted to make sure you got the same variety and number of elements as my PTU kits. This is a full tagger sized kit! I tried to keep the elements kind of classic, and pretty. You will see lot's of variety. There are a ton of hearts through the kit, representing the love we have for our loved ones who live with Epilepsy and seizures in general. Also it represents the strength of those who live with it. Please enjoy this kit, I would adore to see any thing you all make with it! You can email as always at or visit my fan page on facebook Wicked Princess Scraps Download it HERE Or from Mediafire
Saturday, August 14, 2010
"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. " That's the quote that inpsired this kit. Rich beautiful colors celebrate the spirit of Autumn. As the leaves begin to change and autumn flowers bloom, it signifies a new beginning of sorts and a season of change. This kit is packed to the rim! Full of flowers, leaves, tools, birdhouse and more! *Comes with FULL Alpha! Upper and lower case. Each element and paper is completely differnt 20 papers in jpg form 800x800 61 Elments in large tagger size, png format. NOTE: This is a tagger size kit. You can purchase it from Twilight Scraps or Scrappetizing Remember this weekend only is a huge savings! $1.00 for all kit's and CU supplies!
Friday, August 13, 2010
Everyone has a nickname for their loved ones! I call my kids love bug a lot, hence the name of the kit ;) This kit is full of hearts, blink, flowers, bears and more! It's for any holiday, any day, not just love day! Packed full at 72 elements in png format and 20 papers in jpeg format. As always, every single element is different and every paper is different! You can't get more variety for this price! You can purchase this kit at Twilight Scraps OR Scrappetizing
Tuesday, August 10, 2010
I decided to retire this preview I did a few months back.....trying to clean up things and sort through some oldies! :D This is a kit preview maker, the only layers unmerged is the bracket layer on top. This way you can insert what ever you like. It is for PERSONAL USE only. Meaning you can not rip it apart and use it commercially in your kit's. You may use it to preview your kits! Please enjoy :) Also thank you to all that leave comments! It always makes me smile :) Download it HERE
Meet Samantha the Sassy! She's a crusader of sorts, a challenger of the norm! Sam loves a variety of things, from grunge to flowers, then glitter to black. She is known to wear funky outfits and speak her mind! She loves to help other's and often can be found with just a few friends :) This kit is PACKED full! Every single one of the 94 elements are different, all in png format. 30 papers, again all different in jpg format, 800x800. This is a tagger sized kit. But is created fully in 300 dpi for good quality printing. Poser was created by Nikki of Creative Intenionz please credit her in your creations if you use the poser tube. Purchase the kit HERE or HERE
Friday, August 6, 2010
Growing up my mom loved butterflies. I was always fascinated by the colors and beauty of each one. I remember she had this jewelry set that I loved, bracelet, earrings and necklace. She wore them for special occasions or when she just wanted to feel pretty and special. She had butterflies on everything! Whether it was a collection for the wall, blankets, clothes, linens, whatever it was. This was a kit inspired by that love and how peaceful and beautiful they were. Full of butterflies of all kinds, flowers and more! Cookie doll made by Lisa K at Sophisticated Imaging Kit is Tagger sized, papers are 800 x 800 in jpeg format. Elements are in png format. Every paper is different, every element! 21 Papers and 64 Elements Purchase it at Twilight Scraps or Scrappetizing
Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Meet Victoria Dove, from Primville, Georgia! She's moved into the territory with her family looking to settle in and make a life for herself. She loves everything that is warm and earth toned, whether it be from her dress downs or her surroundings! She's a country girl with a sophisticated flair. Full of fun and sassitude to boot. Tagger size kit with 21 papers, 89 elements. Every paper and element is different! No repeats! Includes 3 poser cookie dolls by Lisa K @ Sophisticated Imaging. Please credit her in your creations. Papers 800x800 jpg format and elements large tagger size in png format. Created in 300 dpi Purchase it from Twilight Scraps or Scrappetizing