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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Former PTU Kit now FTU! :) "He Loves Me Not" - Oldie but goodie

Hi ya! :) I was going through my FB memories and found this kit. I can't believe it was posted 9 years ago! I've for sure changed my style since then. I loved seeing it and figured it would be a good freebie to share. 

I was bummed when I couldn't find it on my external. But, my dear friend Patty is a scrap hoarder had it and sent it to me. Thanks, Patty, Love you!!!!

You can download it from mediafire HERE

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Freebie Alert! My Fantastical Friends Series PTU kits are now FREE!

I have more goodies for you all! I've decided to retire these, but give them away. These will be a permanent freebie on my blog. I hope you enjoy it! Download links are below each preview!

Mediafire HERE

Mediafire HERE

Mediafire HERE

Freebie Alert! * Limited Time Freebies!* Alice & Adorkable Amy

Hello friends! It's been a bit since dropped some freebies for you all. Heck, it's been a long while since I last updated my blog too! Too much going on. :)

I retired a bunch of old, old kits. But I decided to leave 2 in all 3 stores as a freebie. These won't be in the store for very long, just until 4/15/21. So grab them while you can!

Stay tuned too, I'll have 3 more comings that will be posted on the blog. Those will be here forever.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

New PTU Kit "Sweet Bird" kit match for Katharine Art

This is a large tagger size kit with 127 elements, 6 frames, 10 papers, and 1 WordArt.

You can get the kit HERE

It matches the stunning tube "Sweet Bird" by Katharine Art and you can find it HERE

New PTU Kit - "Lady of the Night" kit match for Verymany

I was able to do another match for this amazing tube, "Lady of the Night" by Verymany. You can find the tube HERE. The matching kit "Lady of the Night" can be found in my personal store HERE

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

New PTU Kit - "American Beauty" kit match for Katharine Art (Verymany Artist)

This patriotic kit matches the gorgeous work of Katharine and her tube "Patriotic Bernadette" and you can find the tube HERE. The matching kit "American Beauty" can be found in my personal store HERE.

New PTU Kit - "Ylana" kit match for Vi Nina

I've finished another kit to match the stunning work of Vi Nina! This one matches her tube "Ylana" and you can find the tube at Vi Nina's store HERE. Find the matching kit "Ylana" in my personal store, HERE.

New PTU Kit - "Beach Adventure" kit match for Katharine Art

This one matches the gorgeous art of Katharine Art and her tube "Beach Adventure" and you can find the tube HERE and my matching kit "Beach Adventure" at my personal store, HERE

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

NEW SNAG TAGS featuring the art of Ted Hammond!!

Here are some new SNAG TAGS for the taking!

These were created with the kit inspired by the art of Ted Hammond!

You can find the tube HERE at CDO.
The matching Inspired by Kit is located HERE at CDO!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

New PTU Kit - "Arabian Nights" kit match for Katharine Art

Hey, hey, hey! I have another new kit for my personal store! This one matches the gorgeous art of Katharine Art and her tube "Oriental Tale" and you can find the tube HERE and my matching kit "Arabian Nights" at my personal store, HERE